Ivan Pavlov's Salivation Army playing at Joe's Star Lounge, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1984

Ivan Pavlov's Salivation Army

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After the dissolution of the Six band, some of the members (Martin, Mat, and David Brzezinski) continued to rehearse, even going so far as to record some demos with a new bass player. But the remnants of Six never performed in public. This period of drift came to an end when Jerry rejoined the group with renewed enthusiasm. The group was now ready to incorporate into its sound another local influence- George Clinton. The new music was both funkier and more elaborate. They also adopted a different name to inaugaurate the potent mix of funk and punk: Ivan Pavlov's Salivation Army. Ivan Pavlov was formed in 1982 with Tom Simrak on bass guitar.

However, the classic Ivan Pavlov line-up was complete when Mark Kesson joined the group on bass guitar. His supple basslines perfectly complimented Mat's rock solid beats, David's fluid guitar, Jerry's inventive keys, and Martin's insistent rythm guitar and impassioned vocals. Inspired by the sound the group made together, many more new tunes were penned, climaxing in the epic "Milked You, Baby".


Ivan Pavlov played everywhere from obscure bars in downtown Detroit, to art gallery openings, to college towns like Ann Arbor throughout 1983 until the summer of 1984. A highlight of I.P.S.A.'s career was an opening gig for an appearance of the nationally-known act, The Replacements on January 28, 1984.
Ivan Pavlov also performed live on Ann Arbor's WCBN-FM on the Studion Live program. Some video of the band was taped in 1983, but was never released to the public. The band's final public performance was on July 31, 1984 at the legendary Joe's Star Lounge in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Though they never went into the studio, their music is remembered by those who were there.

Joe's Star Lounge (3/14/84) Flyer

Joe's Star Lounge (7/31/84) Flyer (Farewell Concert)

Ivan Pavlov's Salivation Army are:

Jerry Davis (Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals)

Martin Brzezinski (Vocals, Guitar)

Mat Brzezinski (Drums, Vocals)

David Brzezinski (Guitar, Vocals)

Mark Kesson (Bass Guitar, Vocals)

Tom Simrak (Bass Guitar)

1985 Chicago Performance

1985 Chicago Performance

1985 Chicago Performance