Six Foot Poles

The Six Foot Poles play classic rock and roll the way it was before it became just another subsidiary of multi-national corporations. They play from their souls and their hearts with a natural joy that can only come from the purest rock and roll. Whether performing an obscure classic tune or a crafted original, each song is creation of love.

You might sum up the Six Foot Poles sound as vintage rock with a Motown twist. The musical knowledge and experience of the Poles spans five decades and over 100 years of experience playing in various local bands. The band includes three brothers, Dave, Mark and Mat Brzezinski, Theo Smith, their “brother from another mother," and the "five foot pole" Joelene. Mat provides the driving backbeat as Dave, Mark and Theo all trade off on guitar and bass duties. Theo adds keyboards to the mix and Joelene does the percussion. The vocal chores are shared by all, the majority being the harmonies of Mark and Theo and the powerful vocal stylings of Joelene. The Poles enthusiasm for classic and eclectic rock songs reflect their various influences, including the Beatles, the Vogues, the Stones, the Smithereens, Smokey Robinson, the Doors, Kinks, Moody Blues and many, many others. When the band adds Joelene as the featured vocalist, they expand their range to include Jefferson Airplane, Melissa Etheridge and beyond.

The Legend of the Six Foot Poles

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The Six Foot Poles at West Park, 2002

The Six Foot Poles are:

David Brzezinski (Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals)

Mark Brzezinski (Vocals, Bass Guitar, Guitar)

Mathew Brzezinski (Drums, Vocals)

Theo Smith (Keyboards, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals)

Joelene Piatt Brzezinski (Vocals, Percussion)

Photo #1 : Dave on his Epiphone "Dot" guitar.

Photo #2 : Dave on his 1965 Fender Stratocaster guitar.

Photo #3 : A benefit at Andrew's in Ypsilanti.

Photo #4 : October 31, 2006. The band from Hell.

Photo #5 : Our benefit concert for the Historic Wayne Theatre (Aug. 18, 2007).

The Six Foot Poles