The Six Foot Poles 1980 Six

Spawned in the rock and roll subculture of Detroit, the band Six emerged in the late 1970's as an original expression of the band's collective vision. Untarnished by the rigors of the local bar scene, the band's sound has an edge that reflects the true roots of the New Wave and Punk scenes that were growing across America.

Happy Again b/w Out of My Mind by Six, 1980, Flying Turtle RecordsTheir only 7 inch record was released by Flying Turtle Records in 1980. The song, "Happy Again," starts with a guitar riff and a driving beat that won't let up. The keyboards (Jerry Davis) instrumental soars with passion and the vocals (Martin Brzezinski) scream with frustration. The flip side, "Out of My Mind," begins with a driving rythm guitar that builds to the guitar solo and works to a reverb-filled fade. The vocals in this song track the steady drift towards insanity. A true classic. (Backside of record)


Our Place in Punk Rock history is documented here.

The Six Band are:

Mark Brzezinski (Bass Guitar)

Mathew Brzezinski (Drums)

Jerry Davis (Keyboards)

Martin Brzezinski (Vocals, Guitar)

David "Stratocaster" Brzezinski (Guitar)

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