Take Me Back

David Brzezinski

Mark Brzezinski in Ypsilanti

Dave is the oldest of the Brzezinski brothers and has played guitar since just after high school. Dave taught himself to play guitar, but learned a lot from his experiences being a "roadie" for local bands in the 1970's. His brother, Martin, asked Dave to play guitar with his band, "Deep Six" (later shortened to just "Six"), who went on to record "Happy Again" b/w "Out of My Mind" on Flying Turtle Records. "Six" became "Ivan Pavlov's Salivation Army" and Dave came along. Today, he adds his guitar to the "Six Foot Poles" band, which plays occasionally around the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti area.

Dave has played his white Fender Stratocaster guitar since before joining the Six band and earned the name "Stratocaster" for his extreme loyalty to the guitar's characteristic style. Dave's sound comes from his classic Music Man 210 Sixty Five amplifier. All his guitar sounds are "straight," meaning no electronic boxes to mess with the sound. Dave uses only the tremelo and reverb which came on the amplifier and (of course) the standard "whammy" bar on his Stratocaster.

"I first decided to play guitar one night while listening to Jimi Hendrix. I am not Jimi and I don't think I can ever get close to what he did, but he inspires my music all the time. I was probably more directly influenced by all the local bands I used to follow in the Detroit area. Bands like The Stooges (Ron Ashton), the MC5 (Wayne Kramer and Fred Smith), the Amboy Dukes (Ted Nugent) and the Frost (Dick Wagner and Don Hartman). I certainly listen to the monster bands too. I am a big Eric Clapton fan. But what I really listen to most now is the blues, like B.B. King and Elmore James. I learn something new every time I take the time to listen."