Take Me Back

Going Out Tonight

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Going Out Tonight CD Cover

This is the Six Foot Pole's first formal recording available for sale to the general public.  This five song extended play CD was recorded on March 13, 2011, at Adams Audio Works in Saline, Michigan.  Famed guitar player and all around audio expert, Kerry Adams, handled the sound production. 

This CD contains two original tunes, including the title cut and "Death Kitten", which is planned to become our first music video.  We are very proud of this work and we hope that you find this set of tunes as entertaining as we do.

Going Out Tonight CD Liner Notes

The song, "Secret Agent Man" is our own take on the classic Johnny Rivers tune used for the TV show of the same name from the 1960's.

"Death Kitten" is our original song written in praise of the laser tag character of the same name who is a legend among those who play.

"Runaway" is a cover of a classic old tune done in the style of Bonnie Raitt with lots of harmony.

Our other musical brother wrote the tune "Going Out Tonight" many years ago and we have brought it out into the light.  A hard driving song of primal love.

The band Fastball had a summertime hit with the song "The Way" and it has become a favorite of ours.  We pulled out an old Gretsch semi-hollow body for the lead guitar on this track.

Going Out Tonight CD Label

Recording this CD was an interesting experience.  We were able to carefully work on our instrumentals and vocals and to experiment with various levels for the instruments.

A lot of percussion was added.  Listen for the tambourine fading in and out at points in some songs.  A shaker was added to establish the rhythm.  We even did some hand clapping, which is harder than it looks.

The song "Death Kitten" has some bonus added effects during the break in the song that are intended to sound like the sound of the laser guns used in laser tag games.

We really wanted to add a gong, but maybe next time.