Take Me Back

Mark Brzezinski

Mark Brzezinski at Liberty Plaza

Mark became musically connected singing church choir at school. His musical influences from that time ranged from Nat "King" Cole to Allen Sherman and the Beatles. Mark appeared to be destined to play bass guitar and played bass in his first band, which also featured his older brother, David, on guitar.

Mark's first bass guitar was a Electra "Beatle" bass copy of Paul McCarney's Hofner, but his first professional bass was a clear plastic Ampeg "Dan Armstrong" model. Mark owned a Gibson EBO model, but quickly fell in love with Fender basses and has owned a 1972 Jazz bass, a 1966 Precision bass with a lovely curly maple neck and his current affair, his 1960 Precision bass.

Mark has been in many great bands over the years, including the legendary Fred Jam Band, Kingsnake, Flash Fenwick (with "Wild" Willie) and Middle Earth. He has toured with the Deralict Dixieland Band and, of course, Mark has played bass guitar in Deep Six, Six and the Six Foot Poles.

"I am very grateful to my older brother, Steve, who fronted me the money to buy my first bass guitar and to Mike Ferencz for spending the time to show me how to play it."