Take Me Back

Mat Brzezinski

Mat Brzezinski at Cafe 704

Mat, an original member of Deep Six, (the precursor of Six) has been playing drums in various bands since 1977. A self-taught drummer, his inspiration to play the drums came from seeing Ringo Starr of the Beatles playing on television. "He (Ringo) looked like a nice guy and had an unpretentious quality."

Mat has only owned two drumsets in his career, a set of Pearl drums with a red sparkle finish and a vintage Ludwig set, with a grey marble finish, similar to Ringo Starr's Beatle kit. "Before I had a drumset, I made myself a pair of drumsticks in woodshop out of a pair of dowel rods."

Mat has been a member or sat in a number of bands since he picked up the sticks, Middle Earth, Six (Deep Six), Ivan Pavlov and the Salivation Army, Skin Flower, Mr. Largebeat Existance, Joe and Out, two other Mr Largebeat bands and currently the Six Foot Poles. In the Six Foot Poles, he's considered the comedian of the group, with his humorous asides and voice characterizations.

"I originally wanted to be in bands for the money, women and fame, then I discovered I really enjoyed playing in a band."